Nerds' Domain - Origins

Welcome to the Nerds' Domain – Origins.

The podcast that not only welcomes but celebrates all the nerds in the world! Here is where you can dive headfirst into your imagination and become whoever or whatever you ever wanted to be. Here, future nerds of the world come together and discover their…origins.
Listen as 6 middle school students, led by their 7th grade math teacher, embark on the beginnings of their role playing adventures in Dungeons and Dragons.
*The first three episodes have poor sound, but I wanted you to know the characters and story. Episode 4 and the rest are MUCH better.

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    Episode 1 - An Onion Walks Into a Bar

    Episode 1 – An Onion Walks Into a Bar Our motley band of adventurers gather once more to save the day. Old friends unite, new friends meet, and an odd friend joins!

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    Episode 7 - Pounding Heads

    Episode 7 – Pounding heads – Our adventure comes to an end as our heroes confront the thief and his mighty accomplice, Will Balzahar be able to come to a peaceful negotiation or will thicker heads prevail?

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    Episode 6 - Perfect Day For a Swim

    As they near the end of their story, our motley band of adventures takes to the sewers, or as some of the adventures like to call it, public pool, in pursuit of their thief. Will they be able to survive to catch the thief?

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    Episode 5 - The Might of Penelope

    Episode 5 - The Might of Penelope – After their talk with Cassra and Master Openreal, they learn who the true Scroll Thief is and where he’s heading. Can they catch him in time or will their efforts be lost in the depths of the archives?

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    Episode 4 - "Loot the Body" takes on a new meaning

    Last week, our mighty band of adventurers lived through their first encounter. After Mutton was soothed and the bodies were…. Uhm… looted… they found a note that just might lead them to a missed clue!

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    Episode 3 - I'm Captain Pri...

    Last week, the adventurers met their new BFF Agin Lamark and got all the clues that they thought they could about the books. But what better way to solve a mystery than to follow a stranger down a dark alley? What could possibly go wrong?

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    Episode 2 - Mutton's Gift

    The adventures learned of a diabolical thief in the town of Phlan. Who could have stolen such precious books? Can Captain Prime and his new friends unravel the mysteries without killing each other first? Will the mysterious scream in the library lead to the party’s demise?

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    Episode 1 - Origins

    As our heroes wander into Phlan they learn of a mysterious thief that is stealing some interesting artifacts. Listen in as they meet each other, can they find common ground and come together to solve this mystery or will their personalities get the better of them?